Identify Your Crane

Patented track, also known as hard track, dates back to the mid 1800's.

The track was not patented, the manufacturer owned the dies to roll the track.

It was nicknamed hard track, flat track, because it was rolled from high carbon steel and the wheel bearing surface was flat.

Manufacturers include:

  • American Monorail
  • Cleveland Tramrail
  • Louden*
  • Spanmaster
  • Trambeam
  • Twin City

 The track can be identified by the width of the bottom section (running surface)

Track Width Sizes


 American Monorails 401 standard line track was rolled in two sections and the webs bolted together. Louden's* 2" trak 602.6 was 6" deep with a 2" and 3 1/4"(3.33) flange width. It could be used as 2" or 3 1/4"(3.33).
 (3 1/4", 325) The 3 1/4 wide track (bottom tee section) was used without a web or a web and top plate were welded to the tee. The depth (thickness) of the bottom tee varied by manufacturer and capacity of the system. 
(4")  American Monorail made the MD1 Railmaster rail and Twin City made the MDI WideFlange Rail. The rail is 12" deep with a 4" wide top and bottom flange width.
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